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DaDJ Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have four different memberships; the packages vary on the number of events you want to promote you will play as a DJ. For DJ’s who are just starting up, or want to test the value of our app, you can sign up for our free membership that gives you five free events a month. Give our app a try, its worth every second you spend using it. For more information please Start by creating an account.
  • The features we give users on our app is one of the bigger reasons, we made the app. This app creates a strong connection between the user and DJ. You are the reason DJ’s will be a part of a new music industry we are creating at DaDJ. DJ’s will be able to receive feedback from you, test new tracks, gather opinion, your vote will make a big difference in what the DJ evolves in his/her music. You will be able to follow the DJ, see where he/she is playing, invite your friends and even have a say on what tracks the DJ should play and have your friends vote on the influence of the list before the party. The app is also built as a social platform, you will be able to private message, follow DJ’s, share in app content and listen to teaser tracks the DJ wants to test or play at events, for full tracks we recommend our website.
  • DJ’s will be able to connect with their followers, and reach out to more people who might follow them on the DaDJ app. You will be able to organize up to 5 free events a month, upload teaser songs you will play at the events days before. DaDJ is the app that will help DJ industry become a bigger economic playground, and it all begins with you help by using the app.
  • By reaching out to a DJ to play at a venue, is one way to promote your location and services, the DJ would mention on the app where he/she is playing and what the party will offer, this app aims to help DJ’s become the lifeline of party organizing. There will also be room in our app and website for advertisers to promote their product or services.
  • The DJ can upload their full tracks for people to listen to, by Creating an Account on our website: dadjapp.com The app is where you can upload teaser versions of your remixes.
  • Anyone can organize events, but to promote the event on our app, only the DJ who will play at the venue or any other DJ you reach out to, can do so. If you are looking to get a DJ to mention an event he/she will not play at, but would be happy to promote can do so as well, and yes, all followers will be notified. Those who are not followers will also see the event on the DaDJ feed, if you pay extra per postal code, to reach out to more locations and the people that inhabit the different areas. For more information please download our app: DaDJ at the Apple Store.
  • The app for now is only available on the Apple Store and only avaialble to iOS devices.
  • As a DJ, once you sign up to any of our packages, you can contact us by email at anytime for any issue you may have regarding the use of the app, we will be quick to respond to your enquiries.
  • You will be able to download the app in the US & Canada. We will be going global soon!
  • DaDJ seeks to make the DJ industry an important part of our economy wherever you are. The DJ is the lifeline of any party, the DJ-People connection has become a culture of its own. DJ’s are essential to music making, most songs that are released must always have a remix. Today DJ’s struggle to build more visibility, DaDJ will remove that obstacle and make the DJ a very attractive profession.