DaDJ seeks to revolutionize the music industry, by further making the DJ a center point for events, everyday music, and music production, by giving anyone the possibility to advertise their DJ skills, further understand their followers needs, and for the first time give our customers the change to vote in a collective mass while partying.

-- DaDJ Team --

Welcome to a Lit NightLife

DJ’s, welcome to the app that finally walks at the pace of your beat. DaDJ is the perfect hub for you, it helps you understand your listeners, it keeps you at the rate of your followers, this app is your opportunity to shine and to become more visible. DaDj knows the struggles DJ's face when starting up, and this app will remove many obstacles in your way, it will connect you to the core of the music and the event industry.

Main Features For DJs

Advertise within an area, get people to listen to teasers, see your profile so they choose what party to go to in area, don’t stick to one club, the more followers the more the clubs want you.

  • Notify your followers about upcoming events you are planning at and reach out too many other by advertising in different postal codes.
  • Depending on the package you get, you will have access to promoting so many events a month, our Free package will allow to promote Free five events a month.
  • Upload teasers of remixes you will play at your events, get your followers to listen to them days before and get them to vote on them and provide feedback.
  • Upload your full remixes on our website, get DaDJ users to listen to them.
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Prepare Your Audience for the Next Hits

For Dj's a very cool feature is the ability to upload teasers of the one songs you remixed, and will play at your upcoming event, this will help you understand the feedback of your followers and other music citizens.

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