Whether you are a promoter, a club owner, an event planner, a DJ or a customer with the next big idea for DaDJ, with DaDJ everyone is a winner, working with us makes you part of our team, so as we grow, so do you.

Welcome to a Lit NightLife

We love to work with advertisers, you will make us more and more visible, the more people that download our app, or sign up as DJ’s or want to invest in our app, in gratitude to you, the better the rates will be for you to advertise in our app and website. We offer the best rates to those who will bring us the most visibility as well, placing you where your ads would be most visible, or even working with you to further promote both our brands. We are also working with promoters and venues who want to advertise in our website and app, for special events and exclusives. All in all, we look forward to working with in any way we can.

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Why Choose Us?

By Following your DJ

By Following your DJ, and having the option to vote, you will feel that you contributed to the DJs understanding of his/her followers, you would influence the music the DJ plays, produces and innovates.

Want to place ads on our platforms

Not only will placing ads on our app or website help us, but it will help you as well by having access to a great amount of DaDJ users, to advertise to.

For the Promoters & Event Managers

DaDJ app helps your costumers understand the music, venue and services you offer and want to advertise using our app. The DaDJ app will also help you pick the DJ you will want to hire for your event.

24/7 this app does not sleep

24/7 this app does not sleep, wake your phone, open the app, you will be more than satisfied, with the great app we built.

What We Are Offering

Dj your first 30 days is on us, you will feel at home after using the app, and you will be able to choose our different packages, so that you continue increasing your brand and visibility in the music industry, or in your community

Location Specific
Precision Ads
Accelerated Ads

Most Amazing Features...

Reach the relevant crowd associated with events, music, nightlife, and anything else related.

  • 30 days risk free.
  • Zip/Postal, City, State, Country targeted advertising.
  • Targeted in order to narrow down cost.
  • Event specific.
  • Full screen advertisement.
  • Highest showing frequency.
  • DJ’s can promote their event with a simple click.
  • Get statistical performance data daily.

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