DaDJ seeks to revolutionize the music industry, by making the DJ a center point for events, everyday music, and music production. With DaDJ, DJ’s will have a hub to increase their visibility and expose their skills, by connecting with their current and future followers.

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Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Joey Zeiter, Daniel Zeiter and Emiliano Qaqi, are the people behind the DaDJ app.

Joey Zeiter was looking for a more personalized way to connect DJ’s and people. DaDJ helps DJ’s understand their followers, by aiming to make the DJ sector an important industry and a bigger part of the music culture. DaDJ believes that behind every song there can be a DJ. The DJ, wherever located worldwide, will be the factor to keep the party alive, but not without the people. DaDJ gives the people a lot of power in the DJ and music industry, the DJ is able to grow into a more famous DJ in gratitude to your support.

The idea behind this app came to Joey Zeiter, when he was constantly irritated by walking to the stand to request a song, and never end up hearing the song, so now this app creates a new channel of communication. Moving on to the rest of the team we have Daniel Zeiter our COO and financier and Emiliano Qaqi our developer and CTO, without them DaDJ would have stayed in the idea stage. We are a team always at your service and always open to your feedback, please download our app to unlock a new and beautiful tuned world.

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Joey Zeiter

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Daniel Zeiter

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Emiliano Qaqi


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